Trauma Touch Therapy

Trauma Touch Therapy, also known as TTT (tm), is a relational, non-invasvie Somatic approach to exploring & healing trauma in the body.  it is a slow & gentle progression tailored the the clients needs.
Trauma is an event.  Trauma constricts our abilities to respond to the stressors of daily life.
We work  w/the wound that is left behind due to the body not being able to process or release normal sensations from the event.  We focus on your wholeness not the event. 

Examples of Trauma:


* the loss of a loved one

* witnessing a violent crime or accident

* domestic violence

* abuse (sexual, emotional, physical)

* assault

* war time

* surgery

* natural disasters

* terrorism

Benefits of TTT(tm)


* calms the nervous system, creates new neuro pathways
* creates new ways of being 
* fosters curiosity & play
* focuses on possibilities
* learning to trust the body (the sensations of the body)
* helps with self-regulation & self-care

Trauma Touch Therapy is Not:


* psychotherapy (talk therapy); however, it is preferred you work with the therapist while

doing TTT (tm) but this is not a requirement


*not traditional massage; touch is client-led with the client’s consent

My Responsibility as the facilitator of TTT:


As a Trauma Touch therapist, I compassionately provide an environment which allows you to be vulnerable, to be transparent without judgement, to be and feel safe, to be seen, to be supported; thus allowing you to explore lovingly your reconnection to self.

Your Responsibility:


* to be open and curious to new ways of being

* to explore without judgement

* to be kind and loving to yourself

* to be present in the moment

10 weekly 90 minute sessions
Clients will remained clothed, normally in a seated position.  I will introduce the foundational tools  which will allow for the client to have a deeper body awareness while staying present in moment.  Touch is always at the clients consent.

About me and my journey:


Massage has been my passion for over 30 years.  To explore, to learn, to help people while healing myself.  I’ve always felt I’ve only scratched the surface of what I am able to do.


If anyone had told me what I would experience in TTT(tm) ………I would have said you are out of your mind!


I could never have imagined the gift that was given to me………..that gift was me!